word clouds

A Word Cloud Puzzle

Maybe it is my enthusiasm for puzzles of all kinds – most notably crosswords and Sudoku – that attracts me to the idea of word clouds.  They can not only be pleasing to look at (with all the use of color, fonts, and orientation) but they excite puzzle-lovers such as myself with the possibility that true meaning lurks beneath each cloud just waiting to be discovered.

Research Rockstar has written about word clouds, specifically the CloudMaker tool from Tribe Research; but there are other various providers such as TagCrowd and Wordle. Kathryn Korostoff (the rock star in Research Rockstar) asserts that the “real power” of word clouds may lie in our ability to analysis responses to open-ended questions.  Whether or not word clouds actually provide much useful power to researchers is left for another (more serious) discussion.  Today I just want to have a little end-of-the-summer fun.

I created a Wordle word cloud using a comment provided by a survey respondent Read Full Text & See Cloud