consumer research

Social Media in Research Design

It is difficult to escape the onslaught of attention that has been given to social media in the context of research design.  It is almost impossible to pick up a trade publication and not be struck by the breadth and near-frenzy of discussion among researchers concerning social media.  For many, Facebook, Twitter, online communities and the like are virtual fountains overflowing with consumer content just waiting for researchers with their buckets to scoop up every juicy detail.  As someone recently put it, “[Social media] provides a gold mine of information just a click away.”  Read Full Text

Focus Group Research: A Best Practices Approach

Focus group research shares many of the concerns and issues associated with quantitative.  Both adhere to research principles that serve to maximize users’ confidence in the research findings.  But, while quantitative design and analysis issues are openly examined among various marketing research publications (such as Marketing Research) and associations (such as AAPOR), corresponding public methodological discussions concerning focus group research are relatively few.  Guidelines and white papers (proprietary or otherwise) on core Read Full Text