Qualitative Research Workshops & Training

“The workshop was wonderful, Margaret! The feedback I’m getting from my team is extremely positive. Thanks so much for such an interactive workshop and for making the trek to D.C.”

“Our group thoroughly enjoyed the focus group training. You made it fun, and everyone had positive things to say about our two days with you and what we learned.”

“Thank you for your guidance and expertise. We all left the training very excited about the possibilities.”

Thank you for coming out to Boston and leading us through such an insightful and well-tailored workshop…”

Margaret Roller partners with various groups and organizations to provide qualitative workshops and training that are tailored to meet their unique learning goals. These Roller RDR 2018 image3sessions can be as brief and informal as a lunch and learn or run anywhere from 1-3 days.

Various groups within an organization can benefit from learning about:

  • Qualitative research (its unique attributes and best ways to maximize its usefulness).
  • How to design and conduct quality in-depth interviews and focus group discussions (including proper guide development and interviewing/moderating skills and techniques).
  • The analytical process and reporting techniques most important to producing quality outcomes in qualitative research.

For example, workshops pertaining to qualitative research – such as, its unique contribution to mixed methods research, quality considerations in guide development and other areas of data collection, and the distinctive needs associated with qualitative analysis and reporting – have proven valuable to research teams (e.g., at university research centers) that are grounded in quantitative methods but may need to acquire surer footing in qualitative methods.

In-depth interviewing and focus group training also offer a broad range of benefits to corporate communications and human resources personnel by giving them the tools they need to conduct qualitative research with employees concerning the company’s policies or employee communication efforts (internal interviews/focus groups).  And, the training of corporate researchers can be useful in providing them with the necessary skills they need to conduct interviews and discussions among company stakeholders (external interviews/focus groups).

In the not-for-profit and education sectors, training provides marketing & communications, field operations, and program managers with the knowledge they need to conduct research with: volunteers; donors; staff; former, current, and prospective university students; public entities; and other essential supporters of the organization.

In all cases, Margaret’s workshops and training are designed to give employees, staff, and researchers of an organization the skills and tools they need to design, conduct, and/or analyze as well as report qualitative research that ultimately fosters targeted, meaningful, and effective directions for the organization or sponsoring client.

Example Scenario – Focus Group Training

The scope of focus group training will vary depending on the needs of the organization. Training is designed on a case-by-case basis but typically runs 1-3 days.  By way of example, a 2- or 3-day focus group training might include instruction in some or all of the following areas:

  • Overview of qualitative research, specifically focus groups and in-depth interviews, in order to give context to the phases and stages of the design, planning process.
  • Design and planning of focus group research, including identifying goals/objectives and how they will be reached, e.g., who to invite to a focus group discussion and how to invite them, selecting the research team.
  • Development of a moderator’s guide.
  • Group facilitation training, covering basic skills, special techniques, and dealing with particular situations; including role playing and conducting a real focus group.
  • Analysis, i.e., the tools and process.
  • Report writing, i.e., content, format, and writing style.

A 1-day session might include any one of these components. For example, a 1-day focus group workshop could be conducted on moderating skills and techniques, along with how to deal with particular group dynamic situations.

You can learn more about Margaret Roller by clicking here or going to her website.  To discuss your particular workshop or training needs, contact Margaret at rmr@rollerresearch.com, call toll-free at 888-227-8999, or simply complete & submit the following contact form:


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