Qualitative Workshops & Instruction

“The workshop was wonderful, Margaret! Thanks so much for such an interactive workshop.”

“Thank you for your guidance and expertise. We came away very excited by the possibilities.”

Thank you for leading us through such an insightful and well-tailored workshop.”

Margaret Roller provides qualitative workshops, training and instruction designed to meet learners’ unique goals. These sessions can be in-person or online and as brief and informal as a “lunch and learn” or run 1-3 days or an entire semester. Possible topic areas, including collaborative exercises on existing or anticipated research, are:

  • Qualitative research (fundamental design principles & methodology).
  • The Total Quality Framework approach to qualitative research design.
  • How to design and conduct quality in-depth interviews and focus group discussions (including role playing & mock exercise).
  • Guide development (the 4-stage funnel approach & question design).
  • Analytical & reporting techniques most important to producing quality outcomes in qualitative research.

For a limited time, a free copy of Applied Qualitative Research Design (Roller & Lavrakas, 2015) will be available on request when signing up for a workshop, training or instruction. To discuss your particular learning needs and the associated cost, contact Margaret at rmr@rollerresearch.com or simply complete & submit the following contact form:


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