Qualitative Workshops & Instruction

“The workshop was wonderful, Margaret! The feedback I’m getting from my team is extremely positive. Thanks so much for such an interactive workshop”

“Our group thoroughly enjoyed the focus group training. You made it fun, and everyone had positive things to say about our two days with you and what we learned.”

“Thank you for your guidance and expertise. We came away very excited by the possibilities.”

Thank you for leading us through such an insightful and well-tailored workshop.”

Margaret Roller provides qualitative workshops, training, and instruction that are tailored to meet learners’ unique goals. These Roller RDR 2018 image3sessions can be as brief and informal as a “lunch and learn” or run 1-3 days or an entire semester. Content varies but might include:

  • Qualitative research (fundamental design principles and methodology).
  • How to design and conduct quality in-depth interviews and focus group discussions (including proper guide development, interviewing/moderating skills and techniques, role playing and mock exercise).
  • The analytical process and reporting techniques most important to producing quality outcomes in qualitative research.

To discuss your particular learning needs, contact Margaret at rmr@rollerresearch.com, call toll-free at 888-227-8999, or simply complete & submit the following contact form:


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