Online Resources

Go-to Qualitative Resources for Timely Guidance

There are many ways for students, early career and more senior-level qualitative researchers to stay current on the scholarly thinking and activities within the qualitative research community. Beyond textbooks and peer-reviewed articles appearing in scholarly journals, there are a number of more timely sources of information that are available for access on a regular basis. To illustrate, here are just a few examples of these types of qualitative-focused, go-to resources providing timely guidance to the qualitative researcher.

Qualitative Sections Within Professional Associations

American Evaluation Association — Qualitative Methods

American Psychological Association — Society for Qualitative Inquiry in Psychology (SQIP), also on Twitter

British Psychological Society — Qualitative Methods in Psychology (QMiP), also on Twitter

Webpages Devoted to Qualitative Research

The Qualitative Report (TQR) — A comprehensive site providing weekly newsletters, book reviews, lists of other resources, workshops, and an annual conference. This site covers a broad range of qualitative methods and topic areas across disciplines. On Twitter at

Methodspace-Qualitative — A section of Sage’s Methodspace site devoted to qualitative methods. Janet Salmons coordinates and maintains the content, as well as promotes this section on twitter

EPIC — A website designed for a “global community of practitioners doing ethnography for impact in businesses and organizations.” On Twitter at

QualPage — A website “examining the world through qualitative inquiry” covering Research Approaches, Digital Tools, Journals & Publishers, and Resources, also on Twitter The site is maintained by Kathy Roulston, a professor in the Qualitative Research program at the University of Georgia.

Listservs — Qualitative Research Communities

QUAL Community —, direct requests for subscriptions send to